The Trofast Group is a family owned company that began in 1952 with Eino Waldemar. Eino began importing oil and paper products to Europe from the United States. When Eino passed away in the early stages of the company, the Trofast Group remained within the family and with Eino’s spouse. Eino’s son, who studied architecture in Finland, retired from his work within developmental architecture in Finland’s second biggest city. He is the founder of the architecture line with our family business today. During the 21st century, Trofast has reached its third generation. Esko Waldemar, who is now head of the company, has 20 years of experience within real estate and investment. The Trofast Group has not forgotten its roots. We still remain in the export and import sectors, but we now trade globally in a variety of goods.


Trofast Group, the home of architecture, is based in South America. Our leading director is architect Andriw Ochoa. Ochoa is one of the leading professionals in 3D modelling. Trofast has a start up project called Ospen3D, our online school for 3D modelling. 


Architecture and engineering is specialised for steel construction. At the  Trofast Group we deliver both design and supervising services.